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As the official distributor of the French Sicame company group, Megawatt 1 Ltd. has been present on the local market of the low and medium voltage network accessories since 1997. During the past 10 years, the company has been growing continuously and finally expanded and developed into a new subsidiary that was founded in 1st of April 2009 as Megawatt Mérnökiroda Ltd.

We keep on working to provide new product groups, extensive services and the highest quality to our old and new customers. In addition to the popular and much needed SICAME products we would like to maze our clients with a couple of newbies and surprises that will probably generate a strong interest among our partners.



Interactive communication


Fast arrangements


Satisfied partners


  • Providing accessories that comply the highest demands of technology standards of the utility providers
  • Further development of the current product scale in cooperation with SICAME company and the utility providers
  • Providing the necessary documentation (installation manuals, technical information etc.)
  • Information on the results of the technical developments
  • •Professional presentations, trainings and shows for the field experts, engineers and linesmen about the SICAME products


For the bird protection products, please visit our birdprotection.info website.



The products of Megawatt are compatible with the technical requirements and specifications of the electricity company in South-East Bulgaria and we thus expect them to provide a suitable sustainable solution to reduce the numbers of failures in the electricit supply as well as to reduce the numberts of fatalities of vurnerable bird species in South-East Burgaria. Megawatt always responded rapidly to our request and provided us a customer-tailored solution for the needed products.”

Svetoslas Spasov
Bulgarian society for the protection of birds, Bulgarian society for the protection of birds

As the South Hungarian regional electricity provider, we were the first to introduce and apply bird protection tools and systems on our networks. We shared our experiences with Megawatt Engineering Office Ltd, who improved and finalized its bird protection solutions according to this information. As a result, we were able to make sure that these systems will definitely live up to the expectations.

István Bodrogi
Chief technologiest, EDF DÉMÁSZ Network Distribution Ltd.

Our partner, Megawatt Engineering Office Ltd. played a key role in providing complete protection for several protected bird species over an approx. 50 km long MV network, according to the national recommendations. They are a well organized company with high professional experiences and excellent references in international tenders. We definitely want to find other channels for the future co-operations with them.

Ferenc Kis
project manager, Ecocaritas Non-Profit Association

Megawatt Engineering Office Ltd. made a significant and sussessful effort in order to get closer to each other the preference systems of the electrical industry and the bird protection organisations. The bird protection tools developed by the company have been installed in several network-sections in the area of the Bükk National Park, and the initial experiences are favourable.

Jozsef Duska
General manager, Directorate of Bükk National Park



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